Working in the fields of technical and business communications over the past two decades often finds me wearing many hats. My primary and go-to skill as a technical writer has allowed me to work in a variety of industries as a professional writer, editor, and designer in a number of permanent and freelance positions. Throughout my career in communications, the primary skills accompanying me on every assignment are the ability to understand and know my audience, a desire to learn the subject using tireless research and interview methods, an unrelenting attention to detail, and consistently striving for excellence with content that is both compelling and lean. Along with the ability to apply these skills on the fly, these best practices allowed me to write, edit, and design content and published material in a broad spectrum, everything from creative CD reviews and artist interviews, to Congressional testimony and technical and scientific material for NASA and an array of other industries including, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, and construction materials. I have written and edited ad copy, software documentation, request for proposals, style guides, manuals and how-to documents, white papers, project plans, scientific reports, web content, newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, executive correspondence letters, and social media strategy plans.

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