Met My Baby (Down at the Record Store)

Jubal John describes his latest single, “Met My Baby (Down at the Record Store),” as Nietzsche meets the Monkees. Released with an accompanying video reminiscent of MTV videos from the 80s, this love story follows a young couple finding each other and sharing their mutual admiration and passion for music, coffee, and books. Interlaced with live footage of his band performing the...Read More

Love In Reverse

A little over a year after his first critically acclaimed album, Mr Right Now, Jubal John has released a new single, "Love in Reverse." Some songwriters just have a natural ability to compose songs and lyrics with infectious melodies and addictive lyrical hooks that get lodged in your memory and won't go away. Jubal’s new song is no exception with his signature...Read More

Them Ledbetters Part One

Rarely a week goes by when I’m not asked the question, “are you related to, or do you know, (insert first name here) Ledbetter?” The name pure and simply is an odd tag that not only has seemingly endless arrays of humorous variations, but is a name commonly picked when spinning a yarn, writing a song, a joke, or making films about...Read More