War on Privet

Every year we get more and more privet and kudzu invading our yard and adjacent property. I used to fight it with chemicals and it would look like a war zone and never really kept it at bay for long. Last year, I planted my first pollinator garden after taking the manual approach to removing as much privet as possible from the area around my garden. I managed to clear several mountains of this habitat-eating plant without using any herbicides on the existing stumps, and much of it came back. When it gets too close to my flowers it’s time to get chopping! Might as well have fun with this job and put the GoPro to work. I’m a little late to the time-lapse photo craze. While researching ways to setup a new aquarium, I discovered that almost every YouTube video out there on this subject uses time-lapse. My brain is on time-lapse these days but it is a really cool way to capture a long, and sometimes tedious process. What in the world did we do before we had all of this amazing technology at our fingertips? Stay tuned for more time-lapsed shenanigans.

Now on to the weekly Kudzu battle. This year, we had some really serious attacks of the dreaded Kudzu Monster From Outer Space trying to eat our fence, our yard, our house!








2 thoughts on “War on Privet

  1. Cool video bro! You truly have an army of crappy weeds and kudzu and privet to face every year, but it looks like you put the weird rolling log whoop ass on it this year!

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