Let Us Do The Hard Work & Handle Your Communication & Design Needs

Working in technical and business communications over the past two decades often finds us wearing many hats. As expert communicators we have developed industry-specific expertise for various corporate and government enterprises, including software development, healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace, construction materials/mining, and big energy. Our skills and experience provide a broad canvas from which to work for our clients. Our varied skills in writing, editing, designing, and managing communications products and services includes everything from music reviews and artist interviews, to Congressional testimony and technical and scientific material. Some of the notches we have in our literary belt include technical and business ad copy, software documentation, request for proposals, style guides, manuals and how-to documents, white papers, project plans, scientific reports, web content, newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, executive-level correspondence, policies and compliance documents, and social media strategy plans.

Our expert communicators make it their personal goal to understand and know our clients and your unique needs. With a genuine desire to learn how your business works, we learn everything we need to know to give you the best products by working with tireless research and interview methods, an unrelenting attention to detail, and a consistent level of excellence with content that is both compelling and lean.

Technical & Business Communications

Invaluable experience working with large government and corporate enterprises including:

Web Development and Content Design & Management

From the first site built in 1998 using Homesite to the current WordPress brigade, we know what works on the web. WordPress is fun and a great platform that give you design strength at the click of a button, and a user-friendly content management platform to manage your own work. Give us an idea of what you need for web and social media content, and we will build you something cool and functional. We are WordPress pros!

Music & Entertainment Writing

Musicians writing about music is our favorite job and we have a long-standing policy, plain and simple, we don't write about things we don't like. We'll leave that to Lester Bangs and hoards of others.


Audio & Video Production