Red Mountain Jug Band – Tell Me Something New Album Release

  Six years ago, I met Jerrod Atkins and Corey Medders, two of the founding members of the Steel City Jug Slammers, and did an article about them for The Leaf magazine. After several years of blood sweat and tears living life on the road, traveling the country, busking towns, and playing club gigs, the original Jug Slammers captured a significant following in roots music...Read More

Jubal John ~ Mr Right Now Moving On

Jubal John lives and breathes music and his lifetime of studying and playing an array of styles and genres while honing his song-writing skills culminated in the release of his first full-length album, Mr. Right Now  in November last year. Engage Jubal in a conversation about music and his enthusiasm springs to life, and this contagious vibe is only rivaled by the...Read More

Them Ledbetters Part One

Rarely a week goes by when I’m not asked the question, “are you related to, or do you know, (insert first name here) Ledbetter?” The name pure and simply is an odd tag that not only has seemingly endless arrays of humorous variations, but is a name commonly picked when spinning a yarn, writing a song, a joke, or making films about...Read More

2013 Americana Music Association Conference & Awards

Published in the Mid-September issue of e - Leaf Magazine. With over a century of recorded music born on American soil, you can take your pick of styles and genres from all of the big categories like Rock, Country, Blues, Gospel, Folk, or good old Southern Rock to lesser consumed, but equally important grooves like Jazz, Hillbilly, Texas Swing, Dixieland, Ragtime, and...Read More