Love In Reverse

A little over a year after his first critically acclaimed album, Mr Right Now, Jubal John has released a new single, "Love in Reverse." Some songwriters just have a natural ability to compose songs and lyrics with infectious melodies and addictive lyrical hooks that get lodged in your memory and won't go away. Jubal’s new song is no exception with his signature jangly guitars and vocal hooks that remind us of the golden years of the 60s and 70s when pop music filled the radio airwaves and the music really mattered. “Love in Reverse” takes the pop love song in a different direction when the singer learns that he’s falling out of love, and instead of the standard can’t live without you theme, he discovers a new sense of awareness and freedom.

Recorded at Tym Cornell’s Wild Honey Studio and featuring Tim Kelly on bass, Eric Stewart on Drums, and vocalist extraordinaire, Jennifer Skates singing harmony, “Love in Reverse” is another pop rock gem from Jubal John. Do yourself a favor and check out Jubal’s new song and stay tuned for more music from him soon.  

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