Met My Baby (Down at the Record Store)

Jubal John describes his latest single, “Met My Baby (Down at the Record Store),” as Nietzsche meets the Monkees. Released with an accompanying video reminiscent of MTV videos from the 80s, this love story follows a young couple finding each other and sharing their mutual admiration and passion for music, coffee, and books. Interlaced with live footage of his band performing the song, the video follows a timeline of two young lovers finding one another after a chance encounter browsing for records. The whimsical footage of the developing relationship follows their path of discovering deep connections that reach beyond the obvious physical attraction and delves into deeper meaning and understanding of themselves driven by their pursuit of intellectual and artistic enlightenment. Fueled by coffee, literary conversations, reading assignments, and their efforts to expand musical boundaries and reach higher consciousness together, the couple develops a tight bond that flows with Jubal’s flair for pop hooks and infections melody.

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