Technical Communications

My expertise in technical communications includes working on software and hardware development teams with developers, graphic artists and designers, project managers, marketing and public relations teams, quality assurance technicians, and various subject matter experts to develop, write, and manage project plans, online help systems and manuals, reference materials, technical briefings, white papers, requests for proposals, web content, and user guides. I developed these skills writing for various industries, including, software development, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, aerospace, and constructions materials.

During my almost two decades working in technical and business communications, my skills in writing and editing have continued to grow and adjust with changing technology and markets. Additionally, I have maintained power-user status with most of the software tools required to do this challenging work, including major publishing platforms like Word, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Acrobat, and Excel, as well as graphic and multimedia design tools like Visio, Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator.

I thrive under the challenge of learning new technologies and industries through user experiences, testing, and first-hand knowledge of how the products and services are developed and implemented. I enjoy developing relationships with subject matter experts and translating their vast technical knowledge base into prose that is easy to follow, lean, and informative. I have high work standards and create content that is compelling and interesting while maintaining a level of professional integrity for the target audience.