Forever in a Dream

  The clock keeps turning it never goes back

 I run from the ticking like hound’s are on my trail

 Racing in circles from the dogs in my past

 Barking and drooling they close in for the kill

 Alone in the dark I feel their hot breath

 Forever in a Dream

  I look to the future – only paper on the wall

 Numbers in sequence – all blocks full of hope

 I fill in the blanks with transparent dreams

 But the ink dries too fast and the moment is lost

 Forever in a Dream

  Time is unforgiving it teaches me well

 Lessons yet learned  in volumes of fire

 I turn the pages and the flames dance so near

 Now I’m blistered and shamed, and my face is pale

 Yet my colors still glow, changing every day

 Forever in a Dream

  I hold on to you like a raft in a flood

 But the waves are too strong for my boat made of twigs

 It morphs into splinters they stick in my gut

 I sink to the bottom, a familiar place

 Strength comes from the depths, and I learn how to swim

 Forever in a Dream

 I cry for love to come back

 A plea that goes unheard

 Lost and weary, I withdraw with my sins

 We sail off together in a ship made of stone

 To a horizon unseen, the moon guides me now

 Forever in a Dream

 Bells toll in the distance, they cry out for me

 The sun disappears and the darkness holds me tight

 I dream of tomorrow and beg for redemption

 My prayers go unanswered, words on the wind

 Forever in a Dream

  The morning is truth, it brings on the day

 I’m grateful for the sun

 The warmth washes me clean

 I pray for moment, and hold you to my heart

 Forever in a Dream

Bill Ledbetter, 2002


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